Friday, June 15, 2012

Dinner Time

Food, wonderful, tasteful, heaven sent food. This is what I think of when someone talks about food. However, when someone asks me what’s for dinner…..Blank…. nothing at all crosses my mind. I find it very important to eat together so what’s for dinner is a big staple in this. I understand with our schedule it truly is hard, however, I have found that I make it a point to cook dinner on our days off and punt on our days that we work. When we are on nigh turn there is no dinner plans. Honestly it’s more of a snack and do you have food for lunch. While on daylight I try to make dinner at least half of the time.

I am more of pasta mix it with vegies, red sauce, olive oil, chicken, shrimp… kind of girl, whereas my hubby is more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  If I had my way we would have pasta at least a dozen times a week and if D would have his way I truly believe he would have ham and potatoes every night.

In order to fill in the blank thoughts I have when someone asks me what’s for dinner and to help vary and broaden both of our horizons I decided to make a “menu”.  A menu should be slightly easy right? Well, I found it quite trying.  I have our staples, pasta, ham, and chicken breast. Then I once again blanked out. So I, of course, referred the internet to help me out.  

This is when I hit a major road block. The road block occurred when I started looking at food items and I had no idea if D would like it or not. I am pretty safe in making food that is bland and considered comfort food. However, items that I would consider comfort food, such as buttered noodles he won’t even touch. The staples I grew up on, he slightly looks at me odd and moves on. This leaves me at a loss and a repeat offender of the same food every week. I truly am tired of chicken fajitas and ham and potatoes. I want a little variety in my life.  

So to fix this, I stuck with the menu idea. I placed a few items on the menu and left it on the fridge. I explained to him this is the plan for dinner in no particular order for the next several days. Please let me know if you do not like anything on here or if you would like to add to the list.  In the hopes to do this I will start to learn what is ok to cook and possibly different variations. I am hoping this will work and I can come up with a master menu that has 30 or more items on it, this way I will be able to pull any of these 30 items out of my hat with in a month and whip it up.

Newly wed’s how are you trying to conquer this problem? Married couples how did you conquer this problem?

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