Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home Grown

Home grown anything tastes and looks great! You get this feeling while you are picking your produce. It’s a feeling of all your sweat and hard work has really paid off.  With that said two nights ago D decided to cook hamburgers and fries on the grill. In the efforts of me trying to help a one man show, I decided to walk to the garden and take a look see. I came back with a hand full of lettuce! I picked enough to give me two salads, one for dinner and one for lunch the next day. I also picked enough to place on our yummy hamburgers!
While I was at my garden I started assessing the situation. Weeds are starting to come up throughout and my items are starting to grow. Some items are growing better than others. My tomatoes are coming along with lots of flowers and even a few itty bitty green tomatoes. While my cucumber plants look a little sad and depressed. 

D and I have found that our garden does stay fairly moist throughout the week. I have not decided on whether it is the two sunny days and then the third day of rain and thunder. Little watering is needed because of this.
D and I have thought about doing some maintenance on the garden before all of our plants get too big. We have decided that taking the suckers off of the tomato plants will help greatly. An article by Marie Iannotti at gardening explains what suckers are, when you should prune, when you should not prune, and why you should prune.

Our neighbor placed straw on his garden so, I have been looking into why and if there are any benefits for us.  We are also looking into feeding and weeding our garden one last time (at least around the tomatoes) before we just “let them grow."

~Here's to our next few weeks of weeding, feeding, and picking!~


  1. That salad looks yummy! I enjoy gardening so much. I think yours looks good. I really like the herbs in the pots. Mine did not turn out so great this year.

  2. Hello Shelly,

    This picture of my garden is sooooo old! LOL... My garden is still producing well but I had to get rid of some plants.... They did not look to healthy. Did yours not turn out great because of the weather or some other reason?