Monday, November 12, 2012

Cheapness Part Two!

Because I am cheap I have found ways to help save and cut costs on items that are expensive or just unjustifiable in my head.
1.       For starters I make sure to not waste any food!
2.       I do not waste any soaps, or other bottled material
3.       Coupon, Coupon, Coupon
4.       Reuse, Reuse, Reuse
5.       Recycle
I’ll continue by explaining number two. I do not waste any soaps, or other bottled material.
As with yesterday, I am still ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE, I turn every bottle upside down and let drain into the new bottle. Yes, I refuse to let any bottle go with more washing left.
Secondly, for those lovely bars of soap that we do not use in our house hold I place them in an old rag and hang them in closets. This allows for a nice sweet smell. The down side to this is the soap does lose its smell over time.
Third, re-gift or give away. For me re-gifting is a little hard, however, the giving away is not. All of those unwanted soaps, lotions and body sprays you get for presents and do not want; give away or re-gift. I have an abundance of items just like these. Like I said earlier I have a hard time re-gifting so I just give away. If I have a friend, sibling or mom that expresses how they like a smell or enjoys the lotion, body spray or soap….it goes home with them! I also on occasion let my sister or mom “shop” threw my linen closet.
Forth, stay over and keep baskets. I have not yet been able to do this but I am truly excited to! A nice “Welcome” for a house guest is to make a stay over and keep basket. The basket consists of items such as towels, soaps, lotions, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, hair “stuff” and snacks. Inside the basket there is a little note that explains to please use and enjoy. Once done please feel free to take any items in the basket. *But please leave the towel*
Fifth, this one is a little harder but if done correctly you will succeed! Ask friends and family that buy you bath items to either not buy them for you or buy smaller sizes.  Like I said this one is a little harder than others. However, everyone has that one family member or friend that keeps insisting to buy them some type of bath item. It does not hurt to express your feelings about how you just done use them. It also does not hurt, if you do use them but it takes you forever, to ask for smaller sizes.
Sixth and seven, put soap, lotions or body spray EVERYWHERE in your home, office, car and purse and then re-use the small bottle! Yes, I do this, and honestly I like it. I have soap by every sink in my house, even my slop sink. I have lotion near every sink upstairs. I have lotion in the office and on my night stand. I have lotion and hand sanitizer in both my car and purse. I have lotion, hand sanitizer, and body spray in my drawer at work. The best type of items to place everywhere, other than your home, is the small travel size. As I dwindle down the travel size, I may keep two or three empty bottles that enable me to re-use them. Once my travel size products are done such as lotion, I use the bottles I save and place lotion from a bigger bottle into the smaller bottles and BOOM you have a travel size again!

Eight, use unwanted soaps to wash your toilet.   Soap is soap right!
Lastly, if you know you have it at home…don’t buy it…. Put a halt on buying items that you already have. For me, I have not bought lotion in YEARS! I have enough to supply me for my life time. LOL!
How do you not waste soaps, lotions or other bottled items?

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  1. I do the same thing with my small bottles of lotion. I now have lotions in literally every area of the house, plus the car and of course my purse! Lol!!