Monday, November 12, 2012

Dog Toys

Dog toys. They are plentiful at my house. Everything from tennis balls to treat dispensers. You name it I’m sure Roxie and Drago own it.

When I first got Roxie, I bought the necessities and swore that I would not go overboard on the toys. Well as the years went on and the interesting path she and I took, I bought her toys to make up for it (The path of me working ALL the time and her by herself ALL the time). 

This all happened for the first year—year and a half that D and I dated. He worked as much as I did. However, after this long spell of working, our schedules got switched around. From then until about a month ago I would only buy her new toys around Christmas or her birthday. Most of the time, it was a new squeaky, a ball, and some treats.

A month ago I finally let myself realize she didn’t need all of these things laying around and hanging out in our living room. Yes we had dog toy bins but still we had TWO of them! She always had her one or two favorites and the rest sat there. With Drago, We would have to put the toy bins up, when he came up stairs. (D uses toys to train him, so toys cannot be at his disposal).

Instead of moving the toy bins every time Drago would come up stairs, we finally just left the toy bins in a closed location, to him. If Roxie wanted them she could get them.  The longer and longer they were in their new location, I started noticing that Roxie had her favorite out ALL the time and Drago did too.  That’s when the light bulb went off and I realized there is no need for two toy bins. A little toy bin is nice, but not over flowing.

I cleaned out both toy bins and threw away any toys that looked ratty, even if they were her “favorite”. I also threw away any toy that Drago had managed to chew.  I managed to condense the toy bins into one and have left it in its new location, the office. (Yes if you ask D, the two toy bins are still in the office but that is because I cannot get in my office right now… However, one toy bin is empty!)

We are officially left with NO squeaks, a TON of tennis balls (in D’s work car), a few Kong’s (in D’s work car), a few tugs (both the house and D’s work car), a few food dispensers (in the house), and lastly a few rubber toys (in the house).

The past month I have done my share of searching and reviewing toys. I reviewed the toys in my house, the toys in D’s work car, and toys online. To help you not be like me. I have compiled a few of Roxies and Drago’s favorite toys. I spent hours looking for the “right” toy at the cheapest price. With Dragos love for destroying toys, I had to come up with good quality toys cheap! Below is a list of the toys, who loves them, and a link.
Who loves them
Name of Toy and Link
Why I love them
This toy provides Drago hours of fun. It is meant to put food in, However we do not. Because of the whole in it Drago is not able to destroy this ball like a tennis ball.
We fill this ball with dog food and let her nose it around the house. She is occupied for hours. She does however, get upset when there is only a few pieces of dog food left and can’t get them out. However, she is active while using this toy.
D uses this for training. He loves the bright orange color and string on it.
Drago thrives off of these. Roxie just plays fetch. Cheapest tennis balls I found so far.
D uses this for training also. It is extremely durable for Drago’s love of destroying toys. Only suggestion don’t buy black.
I love this toy! Both dogs enjoyed it. The handle was easy access to play tug with the dogs. You are also able to replace the pop bottle in it. Roxie loved to play tug and crunch the pop bottle. Drago loved tug…..then loved to destroy it!
D uses this for training. I have heard no complaints and have not been asked to buy a new tug for “work” so…..

I bought this for Rox when she was a pup. Was her favorite toy until it “died”. Bought her the new one and she is not too fond of it. It came out of the package smelling of strong plastic. I am still giving it time.

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment below with any questions! I have been threw a ton of toys over the past few years. If you are looking to see if I like/dislike a toy do not hesitate!

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