Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spare Bedroom

I am not 100% sure if I ever talked about the very first room we redecorated in our home. Either way, instead of boring you with grim details, I will share pictures of how our first wall papered mess turned into a sweet spare bedroom, which I honestly love to spend time in!

Wall papered walls!

After all the wal paper was gone!

Our very monder light.....for a very monder room

New Crown Molding...with red walls!
I do not have a completed picture... and sadly enough you will not get one until after all of my wedding items are put away.... untill then just think of a very red room with hits of black and white!


  1. You did a nice job with the room! I love the molding. Thank you for linking up at the Harvest of Friends Weekend Blog Hop.

    1. Hello Kelly,

      Thank you for liking my room! A funny thing about this room, I did not want molding.... But my hubby did.... I know LOVE it and I feel that it makes the room!