Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chemical Solutions

Every once in a while, during my down time I will open a magazine and start reading. Last night I happened to open Martha Stewart Living. I find this magazine to be one of the few I actually enjoy. It could be the lack of 3,000 adds or the fact that the articles actually spark my interest. Either way I came a crossed a very interesting article.

Chemical Solutions

This article is a short and sweet one concerning the chemicals around us and what items to completely avoid and what items should be limited. Take a minute to read this article and drop me a few lines telling me if you avoid the major items or could care less.....

Some items on this list like microwave popcorn I had no idea would even be chemically harmful to you. However, Items such as canned goods I did at least know about.

Like I said take a look and fill me in...... do you feel threatened by the chemicals around you? Is it changing any of your habits around your home or with in your life style?

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