Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Changing your last name final.

A while ago I posted about starting to change my name. While I left off with the post explaining that I will revisit once I accomplish another successful name change. Well I am revisiting now that I have successfully changed most everything, well that needs to be changed right away that is.

Driver License
Check with your department of transportation on how to correctly change your name. If you live in PA you are able to send in a form located on Pendots website  They will send you a card that has your corrected address and name on it until you have to get a new driver’s license.

Credit Cards
Call your credit card and explain you just got married and have changed your name. One of my credit cards (department store) asked me to verify information over the phone while my second (major) credit card sent me a paper to sign and fax back.

In order to change your utilities into your married name you must call each utility and ask for a request of name change. In my case half of my utilities changed my name right on the phone, while the other half explained that a form would come in the mail and I would have to fill, sign, and send the form back to them. All in all to change my utilities took me about 45 minutes. This included hold time, finding their numbers and talking to the operator. Make sure you have mindless activities with you while making these phone calls while on hold!

Unfortunately your passport will cost you money to change your last name. You are able to go online and print out the form you need. Once you fill out the form and print it out, you will need to take the form and a passport photo to your local passport dealer. They will process your passport again.
                If you are debating on whether or not to change your name on your passport, I would recommend that you do it while you are changing everything else. Your passport comes in handy for not only traveling but work, and proving you are who you are!

Student Loans
Each student loan facility will be different. However, if you call your student loan facility they will be able to direct you in the correct direction. AES needs a copy of your new social security card along with your new and old signature. This was a simple phone call and then a fax.

Don’t forget your good ol’ place of employment. You will need to make sure your paychecks have your new last name, your benefits have your new last name, any other log in, and other items your job might require. I simply called my HR contact and she was able to give me phone numbers and/or websites in order to complete all items.

I decided not to fix a few items that have my maiden name on them until they become “due”. Items such: as car insurance, car register and doctor’s office. Once I make an appointment at the doctor’s office I will change both my name and address. I do not have much longer until I have to pay for my car insurance and send in for my registration and at that time I will change those. I do however recommend that you change these items if they are not due close to your marriage date.  

Even though I have decided not to change a few items, I do know that there will be items that pop up out of no were. Because of that make sure to have all your documents ready, such as your driver’s license and social security card. Keep your marriage license close also, I would not recommend you taking it with you but know where it is at if you need it.

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