Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Drago and Roxie

Drago, Our new "puppy dog" is very friendly and lovable. He enjoys rolling the ball around for hours and entertaining himself. He minds his own. He realizes that he is a family member here but not the boss. He understands that D and my dog Roxie are the bosses. However, D has made it known he is the boss, Roxie on the other hand....,...... she runs up to him barks then runs away and pee's.......

Roxie: my loveable, spoiled, and self centered lab. She truly loves to protect the house; even if it is in her sleep. As she barks at the neighbors dogs..... She loves to play catch "but only one or two throws ma!" "I get way too tired and I am way to princess like to run after that thing!" She loves to take walks... it’s more like a "gatta go gatta go...need to smell need to smell... ohhhh McDonalds!!!!!" She walks me or should I say runs me??? She is extremely bossy and tries to be bossy over me and her dad!

Currently Drago is living in our basement; he has a fine life down there until we finish his home. Roxie lives upstairs, this is her home and everyone knows it! Roxie and Drago have had many barking matches between floors. Roxie has even tried to pick fights between inside and outside. She loves to bark threw the window, while he’s outside.

Drago seems to not care one bit about Rox, he minds his own and walks away. Roxie still cannot mind her own and gets very agitated with even just the smell of him. Two days ago, I let her down the basement while Drago was at work. She ran smelled his create, ran out and peed all over my floor. Last night, while Drago was in the create, she ran down stairs barked at him, he barked back, she ran up the steps and peed all over my kitchen floor.

She is starting to ignore the idea that “that dog” lives down stairs. However, she cannot get over him outside, seeing him or his smell. I am not 100% sure how to handle this. We have done what the trainer has said to do and then some. Last night she was barking and jamming her paws at the window so bad that I put her in her create down stairs. I figured she can bark all she wants in there and not hurt herself or anything else. She finally calmed down and fell asleep, until D and Drago walked passed. Drago completely ignored her, Rox on the other hand… I thought she was coming out of the crate. It has even come down to; me and Rox sitting on the front porch so D and Drago can do their business without her seeing them. It all comes down to Roxie making sure Drago knows this is her house and you can stay here but THAT IS IT! She is going to have to learn she has to share… Man is she going to get a rude awaking when we start taking her to training!

How did you introduce two pets??? Has anyone had any issue like this before??? Help a frustrated pet own out, Please!

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