Saturday, August 18, 2012

His name is Drago

His name is Drago.

A four legged friend that will become my hubby's new partner and part of our family. 

As most of you know my hubby is a police officer for our area. Long days and nights, weekends, special details, and hot and cold days are just the begging of the adventures D deals with. A few months ago it was brought to my attention that he will have two partners, his human partner and a four legged partner.

A lot has been going on in order to get ready for our new four legged friend. We have cut down trees, placed a cement pad, bought a crate, and prepared.

On Monday we went and picked the newest addition to our family and the police force. His name is Drago. He is a German Sheppard, a wonderful lovable dog, so high strung he is putting D to the test. The first day was a test for D, me and our pooch Roxie. D bonded very well with Drago, after brushing him Drago wanted nothing to do with anyone but D. While evening faded into night Drago and Roxie decided to have a few barking matches between floors. I am still not sure who won but it seemed to have calmed down after words.

Tuesday morning bright and early we woke up and headed to go train. Training was a lot of fun. I was able to watch Drago and D bond even more. Drago managed to slide down slides, in and out of the crate, and climbed all over a picnic table. While there, we were very lucky to see cadaver dogs and live search and rescue dogs. I really enjoyed being there and seeing how the dogs interacted with each other and watching D and Drago bond. I cannot wait to go back.

Wednesday morning I headed to work while Drago and D stayed at home. D had court in the morning so no training. Once I got home I was alone with both dogs. After a much trying situation in which I almost broke down in tears everything was ALL BETTER! Drago decided to start barking at his own reflection for 35 minutes. While he was barking down stairs Roxie was barking up stairs. With the rules being very simple, (I am not allowed to water, feed, and take him out) I had no choice but to sit on the steps and calmly talk to him. Every time I would go down and talk to him I would have one dog calm and the other having a heart attack. Finely after 35 minutes of this I managed to realize that he was barking at his own reflection and solved the problem. I kid you not when I say that after the problem was solved both Roxie and Drago fell fast asleep.

Thursday morning I once again headed to work, but this time D and Drago headed too. They headed to training. D explained that he learned there was nothing that Drago would not do for him. Drago was crawling through tubes and went through a whole obstacle course!

Friday we both had off….. and at 5:00am sharp Drago started barking and causing a massive commotion. After a much needed run….. He finally went back to bed and relaxed until the rest of the house hold decided to wake up.

Our week has flew buy but not without much irritation from all fronts, the dogs, D and me. Both D and I have had lack of sleep while the dogs have been keeping us up at night with their barking matches and impatient pacing. Slowly I know this will all be a memory and we will laugh about the night Rox and Drago sat there and barked FOR EVER. But until then……

Tomorrow starts a new week of training for D and Drago. He has ten more weeks of going to work and playing with a puppy. Many people have told him to savor this moment because these ten weeks will fly by but you will have the time of your life, going to work every day and playing with your dog!

I am very proud of D! And I truly am blessed to be married to such a wonderful man who has the will and want to be a K-9 officer. I cannot wait to take this journey with him!

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