Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lemon Jucie

Lemon’s: they grow on trees and are readily available for use. Because they are readily available they have slowly became the next best natural cleaning solution with in households. Lemons can be used around the house just as vinegar. However, I found evidence that vinegar was a good mold and bacteria killer, I did not find any solid evidence that lemon juice was. I did however find this:

“The high acidity content of lemon juice allows it to serve as an excellent eco-friendly cleaner and killer of bacteria perfect for household use. Does this Spark an idea?”
On:, Household uses for Lemon Jucie 

To put this comment into perspective and to give you a little comfort in using lemon juice, you must remember that vinegar is high in acidity also. Hence, the reason it is a good mold and bacteria killer. Never the less I found tons of lemon juice or lemon cleaning recipes and ideas. Just like vinegar you are able to use it anywhere from cleaning your fridge to using it as a bleach.

Take a look at this website: 24 Handy Lemon Tips or this website: Household uses for Lemon Juice to get a few ideas on how to put lemons to the test.

I did mention a few posts ago that I used lemon juice as part of my natural cleaning. If you noticed while I posted my normal cleaning solutions I only used lemon juice as a backup. I have cleaned the floors with a mixture of lemon juice and water before, however that is the only item I really ever cleaned. While I was trying to find a few good websites for you to look up helpful ideas for cleaning with lemon juice I found that lemon juice is used alongside vinegar more often than not. Lemon Juice is used to make sure your room is left smelling lemony fresh.

I want to remind you that unlike vinegar, lemon juice can be used as a natural bleacher. Make sure you are careful using it around clothing.

I still believe I will be using vinegar as my go to source of natural cleaning. But after doing a little research and finding out that lemon juice has the same uses and is great alongside vinegar I plan on making the switch to using both! How many of you use lemon juice???


  1. i use vinegar for so many things, mostly because it is less expensive than lemon juice...
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    1. Hello Raising a Happy Family! Thank you for following! I will be sure to check out your blog!

      I find vinegar so wonderful! Even though I am weeding out my cleaning supplies I still use vinegar for my floors. In my oppion it cleans as well as bleach!

  2. I use lemon in a different but also helpful way. You can read my post here:

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    1. Jen,

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