Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Vinegar

While we are all still cleaning out our house hold cleaning solutions you might be asking why I feel so strongly about Vinegar and basically told you to use vinegar for everything. So I began to think whyyyyyyy???? Why do I use vinegar? Well I have come up with a few answers to hopefully help convince you that vinegar truly is AWESOME! Well for starters my mother and grandmother have been using it for years!  In fact my grandmother still tries to explain that my Windex is “no good”.  

While I was going through this processes a few years back, I began to dig up a lot of articles on natural cleaning solutions. My goal was to keep my puppies paws clean of harmful chemicals and my feet away from them also. So while I searched for a cleaning solution for the floors I started to find that Vinegar was the way to go. If you can eat it…..

As it turned out vinegar is a very good source to use while cleaning. I have found little harm in using it. I also found that because vinegar is considered to be acidic it is mostly used to dissolve mineral deposits aka your coffee pot. Because vinegar is considered to be acidic and used for dissolving mineral deposits, vinegar took off as a cleaning agent.

According to 48 Hours took the common question “does vinegar really work” to the test. They had Good Housekeeping do a study to find out if (5%)Vinegar kills germs and mold. In fact it was found that it was 99% effective killing bacteria and was 90% effective killing mold.

Because vinegar is known to be a good house hold cleaning agent it is found that many people are using vinegar as the environmental friendly house hold cleaner. While people are using it for cleaning it also can be used anywhere from killing weeds on your sidewalk to removing those ugly arm pit stains. To help better your confidence in Vinegar take a look at this website called 1001 uses for white distilled vinegar.

So there you have it folks…. Vinegar truly is a good substitute to your everyday household cleaning agents.

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