Sunday, August 5, 2012

One step closer to being Green

I was green before green was cool. I choose to listen to green podcasts and look up green information. I wanted to be that next top “green” person. Well, nowadays this being green thing is the cool thing and not only are the old “greenies” sharing their stories but the new “greenies” are sharing theirs and asking how.

While I may be an old “greenie” I do not share most of my stories, I listen more than tell. I enjoy hearing how people weed items out of their live, or how they even though they have tried still cannot give up something.  

While you do not have to be green by not using plastic bags, you can go meatless for a month or forever, you could also grow your own produce. Take for instance this article 30 days Veggie or take for instance this website Make it with Nature.  These two girls are being green in their own way by not eating meat and growing their own produce.  

As I have become successful in weeding out plastic grocery bags and recycling almost everything I can I still have my own battles. Come on people being green is not easy! The worst battle I come up against is cleaning solutions.  

For some, like my mother, this has been an easy task to overcome. She has found one cleaning solution, even though not green and sticks to that and only that. She found that one solution that does it all, and for those hard to conquer places she’s uses gold ol’ vinegar.

A while ago I started cleaning out under my sink.  Placing all those pesky cleaning solutions in order of fullness, I started weeding them out one by one. The bad part about all this…..I noticed I was using more for the same jobs. So, I decided to go back to my normal cleaning habits, except this time once a product was empty I just substituted it for another  that I already had or for vinegar. I was slowly becoming successful in my cleaning solution battle until…. I moved…..

Once I moved I felt like I had to have the bleach for those bathrooms and the spic and span for those floors, the kitchen countertops never shined so well until they were bleached and spic and spanned! Not only did I have those urges that I completely fell to, my hubby had/has a love for Windex. I am only allowed to dust the tv stuff with Windex and a paper towel……Don’t ask it’s a battle that I chose not to fight or care about….

So, know that I am back on my green horse and want to only use my good ol’ vinegar I have a whole bunch of cleaning solutions. I have made steps closer to success; I cleaned out under my sink. I gave the one and only cleaning solution my mom uses to her and I just finished a pledge can today. I also, have found that Windex does work perfectly for the normal stuff and dusting the living room. While I vowed to myself to weed out all the unwanted cleaning solutions I still took a long hard look at this tonight……..

I did however, leave the coupon right where it was and reminded myself that not only am I saving the environment and my family, I am also saving money!

So my challenge to you today, is to clean out your cleaning solutions and pledge to only use one.

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