Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saving a Dime

Do you like getting bargains? Do you enjoy clipping coupons??? Do you like getting more bang for your buck? Well, over at Third Stop on the Right, that is exactly what you will get! Rachel, the founder of Third Stop on the Right, explains that you will never “pay full price” for anything again.  

Rachel is currently a stay at home mom who loves a bargain, she insists that you will never have to pay full price unless you want to. Her Facebook page and blog site talks about saving money, current deals and frugal living.

Be sure to check Rachel out on her blog at  Third Stop on the Right or her facebook page (make sure to like her, you will see me there also!). And lastly make sure to check out her most recent published artical at Money Saving Mom's!


  1. Thanks for the site! Going to check her out right now.

  2. Hello Shelly,

    Thanks for checking Her out! I am sure she will be very happy!