Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rested and Accomplished

Well, as I explained in Down and Discuraged me being down and discouraged has left me. A good night of sleep and a good day of house work have left me rested and accomplished.

Today’s activities were by far the most I have accomplished in a while. With people taking vacations and days off at work, over time has been on high demand lately. D and I also have been getting ready to put up a dog kennel; this too is becoming demanding over the days.  However, after the TV and I bonded with a few long lost shows and two chapters of a book read before bed time, all the chaos and stress from weeks before had been relieved.

Once I woke up this morning and had my morning cup of coffee while browsing the internet I began to tackle the house work. Due to the fact that D was on midnight last night, I had to resort to the quiet house work. This meant cleaning the back porch, breezeway, and front porch, gathering dog toys, folding blankets, washing clothes, and dusting (things I rarely do). I even managed to go through my magazines. Of course because I had to be quiet I could not run the sweeper or take things to the attic.

As the weekend moves on a lot of things will be going on. We will be having cement delivered for the dog kennel, bread will be baked and some relaxation will be had. The only down side to this wonderful weekend is: I have to work one of the two days… However, I will try to keep in mind this is a long overdue weekend, even if it is not perfect.  

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