Friday, August 3, 2012

Down and Discouraged

As I sit here this morning I have been trying to write a post that would express the way I feel. I have officially deleted my post twice now and I still have not figured out a way to express myself correctly.

I am a typical girl. Who has a wonderful life. I have a great husband who truly loves me, even if he doesn’t show it the way I want him to. I have a nice little house and the ability to modernize it. We also have two really nice cars in the drive way. We are by far not rich but somehow we make it through. I have a loving and supportive family. And my friends are truly great. I also have a steady 40 hour a week job, this I truly am fortunate about.

None the less, I still end up a little down and discouraged from time to time. When I end up like this and try to express my feelings, whether it is threw my blog, Facebook, or twitter; it comes out angry and devilish. Heck just my tone is angry and devilish. (Not to be mistaken for angry devilish Mrs. T who did not get enough sleep.) This is why I have deleted my post twice now and have started again.

The idea of being a little down and discouraged only comes around every few months. It also goes away with in a day or two. The most it has ever lingered on was about a week, and that was after the wedding (which was a little bit different).

So, to analyze why I am feeling down and discouraged currently deals with the idea of having a ton of ideas to be “successful” and yet I just cannot get out of my little old comfortable slump.  No I am not talking about getting another job or reeducated myself in some other crazy field, I am talking more along the lines of finding a purpose. (Do not go getting all "you have a purpose to be a wife a daughter a sister" on me… you hear!!!)

A purpose, such as couponing with the best of them, placing a blog on line about eco-friendly ideas, up cycling, starting my own little side business, a dog walker, a house sitter… I don’t know something!!!!!!  
During these times of being down and discouraged I find any of my normal activities such as couponing, collecting coupons for the military, gardening, to just name a few does not fulfill my hole. However, the funny and most odd part about this is within a day I will find these items very fulfilling and enjoyable.
However, within a few hours I will be back to my normal self and not even think about this for a while. But during the next few hours I will ponder about how it would feel if I had ____________ or if I was __________or if I could only make _____________.
You may ask why I brought this to your attention, why did I bother even writing a post like this. I will respond by saying that because I brought it to your attention I will act on my ideas to be “successful”.
As I bring this to a close for the day, what items do you do in your life that makes you feel good about yourself? That gives you a purpose or successfulness???


  1. Oh your post -- you cut right to my heart. I'm so much older than you are, 46 and sending my firstborn to college in a couple weeks. Yet I struggle with purpose. I thought I found it... then discovered I was wrong. More times than I can count. I never thought I'd be a mom, and now, that's my favorite role! If I can offer one piece of advice: TRUST GOD, one step at a time. He doesn't reveal your life's purpose from the start. He shows it to you piece by piece. It's like unwrapping a delicious chocolate, biting into it, and being surprised to discover it's filled with an amazing caramel cream... or something like that.

    My current purpose -- as I move away from such busy parenting to more of an adult life -- is blogging on travel. Please stop by and read my "welcome page." It shares how I got to be where I am.


    1. Hello Karen, Thank you for checking out my blog! I enjoyed your blog and plan on stopping by a lot!

      I am glad that I am not the only one that struggles with purpose.... Thank you very much for the piece of advice I will do just that and wait patiently..... I am sure I will, just like you, find it.

      Have a great day!

  2. Life is what you decide it to be. I have found a good attitude will help me... I just sort of 'decide' something has purpose and go from there...I found you on the Aloha blog hop.

    1. Hello Julia, thank you for stopping by!

      I completely agree with you that "life is what you decided it to be." I am struggling with the "what you decided" part lol. I currently have opened a new chapter in my life and I am still trying to "fit in". However, I have also found that a good attitude is 99.9% of everything!

      Have a great day!