Thursday, August 2, 2012


Now that August is here there are always two things on my mind…. Veggies…and by birthday. Since my birthday is still a bit away I will enlighten you on my veggie situation around our household.

As my dear friend expressed in her blog post “Checking it out: Sampling a CSA”

CSA’s are awesome and the way to go. Since then, I have in fact contacted a local farm and had high hopes to fulfill my fall and early winter needs with this farm. The sad part about this is the farm never responded. I am still hopeful, there is always the phone J

While I have decided that I am still hopeful that the local farm will come through with my fall veggie needs, I still have been looking into ways to grow fall veggies. I listened to the Martha Stewart morning radio  this morning and found that in areas such as mine you are able to plant late produce and still be successful. They explained that you will need to start planning now, so by the middle of august you can plant: items such as lettuce, broccoli, and peas. This is the blog of the lady that was on the morning show: Go and check her out and see what fall produce you can plant.

On that note, I would like to share with you the veggies I do have and the amount of yummy goodness in them!  My garden has been very low effort this year and I have already figured out how to have a less effort garden and still produce the same quality. (Straw = no weeds). I have been able to get a ton of zucchini, a handful of peppers, cucumbers and my tomatoes are just now starting to turn.

I spent one day, after a much needed rain, weeding my garden. The watermelons, if you can tell by the picture, were being taken over by weeds. They are much happier now and I am getting some nice size melons!

Back, Before
Front Before


Be sure to check back and see how my garden fulfills the year. Also, stay tuned to see if I plant any fall produce.


  1. Wow I dream of having a garden where I can grow my own produce. I am currently successfully growing two pots of mixed herbs on my windowsill *round of applause* When I get some outdoor space I am definately going for it. Your garden looks wonderful and full of life

    1. Thank you for the complement on my garden. I too had to resort to pots and windowsills for a few years until me and my hubby bought a house. I am so happy to have a garden it not only helps feed the troops but there is plenty to go around! Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your herbs!

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  3. Ugh, so jealous of your garden! This summer has been brutal on us with the relentless heat and a HUGE amount of bugs, thanks to a very mild winter. One plus to GA gardening is that we actually have 3 growing seasons, so we'll start our seedlings for the fall planting in a few weeks. Hopefully we'll have more luck this time!

    1. You do have to start your fall planting ideas soon. Make sure you share what you plan on doing! I will find it very fun to learn what you are able to plant compared to the "getting" cold fall we have here! Also, you can always send your soil to PSU extension, I believe it is free. They should be able to help you with those bugs.