Wednesday, August 1, 2012


As I expressed yesterday, I have made myself a day planner and a “shower book” for my sister’s wedding. With this said I have a very important question to ask you. How do you organize all those papers and ideas you have?

I have found a way that works for me and honestly it is quite funny. In this day and age everyone has and does everything on a computer or phone. Me, I cannot be found without my iPad, iPhone, or kindle however, I still resort back to the old paper when organizing my ideas and papers.

 I have a day planner in which I carry with me every day. This planner has all my appointments and work schedule in it. I even go as far as writing what I did that day. So I would call this my daily planner/journal.

I have a planner in which it has all my information in it. Items such as party plans and buys, menus, budgets, gifts bought and to-do lists. This planner stays on my desk and I refer to it when I need to buy a gift or plan a party. I even refer to it when I make my grocery list.

I then have these books that I only get out every so offten.  All these books have the same principle, cut out pages from a newspaper or magazine and tape in the book. The first book is clothes I wish I had or outfit ideas, the second book is filled with craft ideas and house ideas, while the third book is filled with recipes I’d like to try…..if only I had time to cook….

And lastly I have my Christmas book. This book is filled with every present I ever bought, how I decorated the house, how many strands of lights I used on the tree, what cookies I baked and what food I took where. (this by far is my go to book at Christmas.)

Needless to say, these books are just a few of what I actually have. If you were to look closely in our office closet you will find one whole section dedicated to my planners and organizers………

So how do you organize all your ideas and gifts and menus????

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