Friday, September 7, 2012

Coupon Binders

Following the conversation from yesterday, I would like to share how to make a coupon binder. It is really simple and consists of three parts.
What you need:
·         Three ring binder
·         Baseball card plastic sleeves
·         Page dividers

Where to find each item “cheap”
·         Amazon
·         Wal-Mart
·         Staples

Your binder will not happen overnight. It may take you several months before your binder is 100% to your likening. However, divide your coupons how you “think” you will like them first. Once you start planning your shopping trips and shopping you will make adjustments to your binder to fit your needs!

Good luck!!!!
My book!
Stay tuned for tomorrow post! A guest blogger and a dear friend will be joining us for two great posts on saving money with a baby!

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