Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Use them!

Every week there is a coupon insert in your local paper. Ours comes every Wednesday in the mail with the weekly ads. To some; these are just a waste of paper that get thrown away just like a newspaper. However, in my family they are a gold mine! They enable us to buy free things or discounted goods.

In post past I've explained my coupon "obsession". I truly believe that coupons are valuable. In today's day an age items are very expensive. Everything from food to soaps. A bottle of body wash can be priced anywhere from $3-4. A yogurt can range anywhere from $.50-1.

Yes, it doesn't seem like these items cost very much, however as most of you know once the grocery bill adds up you can spend a nice penny!

With the help of websites and my own time, I've been able to cut most all personal care items prices by 3/4. I also have been able to save anywhere from $30-60 in a grocery bill! All of this is just using coupons!

Personal care items are a lot easier to cut in price. Coupons are plenty and sales run frequently. Grocery item are harder but any penny saved is a penny in your pocket!

Here are a few tips to help you save with coupons.
1. Don't be intimidated by them.
·         A lot of people feel they are just extra work and not worth the time. Don't be lazy, and use them!
2. Get organized.
·         Buy yourself a nice pocket organizer. Some want one small enough to put in their purse others are ok with a binder. Myself, I own and use both.
3. Prepare before going to the store.
·         If you make a list before you go, you can do this. It is a very simple and easy task. I have a standard grocery list in which I work off of. Every item I have a coupon for I mark red while the rest stays black.
4. Make sure to get the Procter and Gamble coupons at the beginning of the month.
·         These coupons come out monthly. In my eyes they hold the most value, I find all my shampoo’s, body washes, and hand soaps in this insert.
5. Do not buy an item just because it has a coupon!
·         Make sure to buy only what you use or feel you will try.

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