Monday, September 3, 2012

Take advantage of food/fuel perks.

You have to excuse me, I have been a little under the weather the past few days. Slowly recouping from this horrible cold/flu, that is why I have been away for a while.

Back to talking about frugal living! Today's topic TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FOOD/FUEL PERKS. 

Where we are located, our local grocery store has a program in which they provided food and fuel perks. It is a very simple set up. If you buy their gas, you get food perks and if you buy their food you receive fuel perks. Another nice thing that the store does is sell gift cards. They occasionally have sales in which you are able to receive .20 cents rather than the traditional ten cents for every $50 you spend.

We take advantage of this program a lot. D and I always buy gift cards any time we need something big. I also do all of my grocery shopping there.

I know most of you are thinking why?!?!?!? Why take the time to do this. In my opinion, it is completely worth it! We have been able to get free gas on a multiple of occasions, I also save 20% on our grocery's, almost every time I shop.

Now you are thinking how can we ALWAYS get free gas and get 20% off our grocery bill. Well my friends, as most of you know D and I have been remodeling our home plus, we are (what some consider) Amazon freaks. Before we purchase anything for remodeling  or purchase anything off of Amazon we buy a gift card. When we framed in our basement we purchased everything on a gift card. When we put up our fence, we also put everything on a gift card. This has enabled us to have free gas. Because we have free gas we of course fill up at their gas stations. The more you fill up the more food perks you receive.

It does not take much time at all to do this. D is really good about getting gift cards for our projects. We both are good at getting gift cards for big purchases. And I am doing good in using our food perks. It has become second nature to us, to the point in which we do not even discuss it.

To help prove my point. I would like to share that I saved my allotted 20% (which comes to $60) and I received a free 30 gallons of gas (which came to $107.97) in one month. This gave us a savings of $167.97 for the month. (of course not including coupons and sale prices). The $167.97 is comparable to a grocery bill for us for about 2-3 weeks! CHACHING!

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