Friday, September 28, 2012

When is enough, enough?

When is enough, enough?

This is the question I bring to you. I have, for the past few months, been tossing this question in my mind. It starts with an I HAD ENOUGH. Then it ends with me back to my senses knowing what exactly I am doing will benefit me and my husband and someday our kids.  

Everyone has that item in which they feel suffocated by or takes the life right out of them. Some it might be school, a new business, a job, a car, a kid, a wacked out kitchen counter. Any way you look at it at one time or another you your self have had this same thought and same conversation with yourself.

A solution might be: one night when you get home from work you walk into that DAMN countertop again and say ENOUGH! And next thing you know your tearing out your kitchen. A solution might be: to realize that the new business you started isn’t a one man show and you need help. Whatever it might be there is ALWAYS a solution.

But when is it that you realize the solution. Or in this case “enough is enough”? Is it one more time you have to jump your car in the dead of winter before heading to work? It is the hour commute you normally have that took three this morning? When is it exactly that you realize this??

 What if you realize enough is enough but always come back to your senses and plug right along? At that point do you just keep plugging because you realize you HAVE to do it for whatever reason, no money to buy a car, graduating to get that job…… Then what??

These questions I bring to you because I have no answer……


  1. I wish I had an answer for you. I go back and forth with this a lot - determining if it's coming back to my senses and acting like an adult with responsibilities OR settling for something less than what makes me happy and I deserve. It's tough. I never have sympathy for people who are miserable with life but do nothing to change it. But sometimes, despite our greatest efforts, there just isn't enough dinero in the ole piggy bank or too much rides on making that big change.

    It sounds trite but I try and find contentment and peace whatever my circumstance. The situation may suck but how I react doesn't have to. I can't control everything around me but I can have control over my mind and my emotions, you know?

    1. The Lambent Life,

      I completely understand what you are explaining. I have realized what used to make me angry in my current situation doesn't any more. However, "the missing out” part gets me every time! I have to make the best of my current situation, while trying to better myself. I also agree that people who complain that “their life is miserable” while doing nothing has no pity from me. I feel that just because your miserable doesn’t mean you have to make me miserable…. The first step for me is to make a choice… We shall see! Thanks for the encouraging words, I need them!