Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Break

The past month has been very trying for me. I have been working long hours and for many days. I have little patience and my mood has altered. I honestly feel like this month has flown past with no play. D has been very busy also. He is training five days a week and then working the last two days at home with Drago. He also has been trying to get Drago’s “stuff” ready for winter. We both truly need a break.

Our break is coming up this weekend. I am very excited. He has plans to start Drago’s house while I have plans to winterize the garden and pull our summer flowers. Saturday, D and I (and hopefully my sister and her soon to be hubby) will be heading to a local farm’s fall fest! I will be getting my pumpkins and corn stalks and mums!!! Once we get home I will be decorating and D will be working with his Dad continuing on Drago’s house. Sunday, I finally after a month and a half of waiting get to go to training with D and Drago! I am so excited! Not only do I get to see my “baby boy” in action but I get to see these wonderful cadaver dogs and handlers that are just so YAY!

It may not seem like a wonderful weekend for you after working so much. However, for me being able to be home and being in the same room as D is a massive plus right now. I need to be with my hubby, even if there is no talking or working together.  Just being there. That’s it.

I am so excited. As I am writing this I have 5.5 more hours until I will be on “break”. However as you are reading this I should already be on my break and enjoying my home time.

When you work a lot what do you do on your first decent break?

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