Thursday, September 27, 2012

What do you do with Items from Vacation??

Many of us have the same “issue” of needing to display the odds and ends we gather from vacations. We always pick up sea shells or rocks or maybe even sand from a trip to the beach. Everyone has a thing and depending on where we are will depend on my “thing”.

 Each beach I go to I must collect sand. I also HAVE to have sea shells. My and D’s most recent trips have been to the beach. We went to South Carolina in which I returned with two sand dollars and a little baggy of sea shells. Our Outer Banks trip, I returned with a bottle of sand, two bags full of sea shells and a few rocks. Our Hawaii trip I returned with: a bottle of sand and a bag full of rocks.  Everywhere else that does not have sand or sea shells I must collect a rock with me and bring it home. I have rocks I do not remember where I picked them up from and then I have rocks in which I can tell you the exact day and time I was there.

Anyways:  I always have an issue of figuring out where and how to display these items I bring home from vacations. I finally found the perfect setup for my rocks or seashells!

Take an old vase and place the items inside. BAMB you have a wonderful centerpiece or coffee table item!

What do you do with items from vacation??

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