Friday, September 14, 2012

With Out a Cell Phone

Back in April, I broke my cell phone. To be honest I remember it just like yesterday. Maybe one of the only things I completely remember and at that moment in time the day wasn't a big bluer. I was getting out of our rental car it was pouring down rain; my uncle opened the door and shoved an umbrella over top of me as I was trying to get out of the car with big hair and a big vial. Next thing I knew, my phone was on the floor and I had a cracked screen.

For the last four months I have had a severely cracked screen. However, my phone still worked. On Monday I finally sent out my phone...(or I should say D sent it out) be repaired. Apple has been really quick. The day after we sent it I received an email stating that they had it. Within a day I received an email stating that I was approved and my new phone was in the mail.

You would think then I would have my phone right??? Well NO! We have this slight problem called work PEOPLE! Anyways, they need a signature in order for us to receive the phone. The past two days they have came and left notes. Heck, even yesterday D had managed to stop at home twice for a few minutes during the times the "truck" normally comes to see if he could catch it. And of course no... Today however, we are home and we WILL catch it!

Know, you all might be wondering what it’s like without a cell phone for a week. To be honest, it’s quit nice. Do not get me wrong, I will not give my phone up, however, not phone calls, texts or emails to distract me. I never realized how much I use my phone and the most awkward times too. Every morning once I pull into the parking lot at work; I gather my things and then check my email on my phone before I even get out of the car. (Of course it’s my personal email that I check). During brake at work, I sit there eating reading the news on my phone. At any given time I am using my phone for a clock. I even use it for an alarm. Oh my and don’t forget Facebook!

I had to resort to the “old school” ways. Ok, not so old school, instead I used the computer but still. It is amazing how I would grab for my phone just out of habit and it not be there. It was nice not having my phone. Instead of wasting brain cells on a game or Facebook during those two minutes, while you waited for someone. I actually could sit there in silence and “clear my head.” My brain is stimulated at all times of the day threw some form of technology. Do you remember when you had to beg to get on the computer to “chat” with your friends…… and you would hear “You’ve got Mail”? Or, do you remember how about those big bulky cell phones that you waited to get because the plan was “to expensive”. Its all a joke now. Everything is at our figure tips and we “freak out” if we do not have the latest technology or some form of technology.

Anyways, I should be back up and running today phone and all. My entertainment will be back in my life to void all those empty spaces I have. I will be back to my normal tech junky, in which I will have a heart attack if I “forget” my phone. But maybe just maybe I’ll reevaluate my phone habits know?

How long have you gone without a cell phone? Did you like it or did it drive you nuts?

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