Thursday, September 13, 2012

I’m still rewound back in June……

I’m still rewound back in June……

In the middle of June my hubby and I started remodeling our office. I do not believe I really touched base on the remodeling features. Back in June I posted a post explaining how I was taking out the old and putting in the new or reused in my office. Check that out in this
While remodeling our office to a wonderful green color with tan curtains and accented in white. We came to a minor bump in our road. We came to this very bump when remodeling our spare bedroom. We could not find the right size vent covers for our furnace.  (OH NOOOO!!!) With the house being old, we have found that not everything is exactly to size…..

With a little help from a can we managed to fix our very big bump. I took our awful faded tan colored cover and changed it to a crisp white!
Ugly tan

Nice clean white

My partner in crime!

Also, here is a little peak into our office. LOOK AT THAT COLOR!! YAY!

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