Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Out Side

In yesterday’s post I explained how I had to get ready to decorate for the fall, by removing all our summer plants. Well today I would like to open up some discussion and see what everyone buys or decorates for the fall outdoors.

I officially bought:
Four bundles of corn stalks, two bails of straw, 10 pumpkins and two mums. All of our items came from a local farmer!

Where do you put your items?
I put the three bundles of corn stalks on our porch attached to our pillars
I placed two mums and two pumpkins on our porch in between the pillars
I placed a pumpkin and a bundle of corn stalks by our light post, at the end of our drive way
Lastly, I placed a bail of straw with pumpkins on each side of the garage.

Did you support a local farmer?
Of course I did!

Well, once again here’s to fall!

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