Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is such a beautiful month!

 This past weekend I spent cleaning and decorating. I find that this time of year is one of my favorite. I enjoy the decorations, the colors, the smells.  

D, my mom and I went to a local farmer on Sunday to gather our pumpkins, straw bales, and corn stalks. After loading up the trailer and heading home, I decorated the outside of the house. It looks very fall like and I only need one more closing touch and it will be complete.

Before I was able to decorate for fall I had to gather all the summer items up and get ready to store them for the winter. Needless to say I am still not 100% done with this task. I have three very heavy planting pots that need to be placed in the shed. I am secretly hoping D does this today for me. I also have to finish pulling the garden.

What do you save for next year’s use?
I managed to place most of the dirt in two 5 gallon buckets, while placing what did not fit in my garden. All the flowers and ferns were placed in the fire pit. I washed all plastic pots and saved all hanging baskets for next year.  I saved my three geranium plants!! This will be a trial and error test this year.

I read in a magazine that geraniums are actually perennials however, they are not frost tolerant. So I cleared the dirt from the roots, soaked them with water then wrapped the roots in newspaper. Placed all three plants in a bucket in my basement…… Here is to next year, I will update you In a day or two after not being in the sun or dirt.

Do you have one spot for all gardening items or two?
I have two currently. All saved pots in the shed along with seeds. All my gloves, fertilizer and small yard tools are still in the garage. These will stay here all year around. I have some flowers for fall and I have house plants that will need tending to.

What plants do you move inside?
I used to have one house plant that is “millions” of years old. It used to my great grandmothers. It thrives outside and slightly goes dormant in the late winter months. I now have added to my list three palm trees. I have no idea where I will be placing these palm trees. Two of the three are “oversized”. Basement maybe????

What do you do with your herbs?
My “herb garden” is not quite a garden. It is more of a pot garden. I have my six pots all nicely aligned with their fancy pots and fancy colors. The herbs give off a wonderful eye pleaser. But this leads me to what to do with them until winter? Most gardeners cut their herbs back for the winter and BOOM they are back in the summer. Every year I place the herbs inside for the winter and every year I am replanting at least half of them. So what do you do with yours?

Here is to getting ready for fall!

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