Wednesday, October 10, 2012


As with most we have a Kurig and we love it!

While we have this one cup wonder, we do produce a ton of waste. In order to save money, when we first bought it, I would use the regular coffee I still had in a reusable cup. As time has gone on and I have scouted out cheaper k-cups I have resorted to using the fine one cup wonder with regular non reusable K-cups.

With this said most of you are probably flinching and wondering, you an environmentalist, using non reusable K-cups???? GASP! Yes I hold my head down while saying it. BUT! I have put my self on a mission to figure out an idea on how to use these used k-cups.

I currently have emptied each k-cup filling up a container with the coffee grounds for my garden, I have recycled the filter and the top while keep the container. After washing the container I am left completely blank.

Pintrest has given me a little hope, two posts concerning k-cups (check out me on pintrest, I repined them). The internet, believe it or not, has left me down. I have only found a few ideas, and all of them I can not use.

I am coming to you, my lovely readers, in hopes that you have found something fun and exciting to reuse them. Please share your ideas and comments below! I look forward to hearing from you!

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