Friday, October 12, 2012

Turn, turn, turn...

Life has been changing here in the "T" house hold. With the change of the weather it seems as if everything around you changes.

I recently found that I am currently on my regular shift at work without any over time. Definitely a relief but hard to get used to. Drago the dog has officially been certified to sniff out drugs.  Roxie has found this burst of energy that I cannot pin point, but when you just wake up and she wants to play… doesn’t work very well.  The hub only has two more weeks of training left before him and Drago are back working the streets. And lastly I have found it very difficult to stay above water with juggling everything.

With Roxie’s new burst of energy it takes me forever to write a blog post, she come over with her toy and WILL NOT LEAVE until I throw it or tug with it or just plain old try to type with one hand and play with the other. I have learned she will go on rides with me but do not say that word out load while you have your keys in hand. She gets all excited and you BETTER take her with you! I am hoping to take her for a walk today both mom and “lil” needs some outdoor fresh air and exercise. Her to burn off some of this energy and me well……..

Last we talked about Drago, he and Roxie were able to exist in the same room. A massive plus! However, this is getting Drago a little too comfortable around the living room. He still has the problem of marking his territory. UGGGGG! But he is doing well. I also am so proud of my baby boy he has officially been certified to sniff drugs. This is very exciting! He will soon be a certified K-9 and before we know it the little boy will have a badge and vest. And he, like his father will be working the streets!

As I stated above D only has two more weeks of training left. The little habits we got into with going to work at 5 am every day and going to bed early along with a decent afternoon at home will all go to the wind for the old grimy 21 turn schedule. He will be back working the streets, back to midnights and long hours. We will have to form new habits or possibly go back to the old habits we had before he went daylight back in August. This will be another small but challenging strain on both of us.  (By far work schedules are the most challenging in any married couples life, in my opinion).

I have been finding it hard to stay above water. I find that I am wanted in all directions. I am working very hard for a very important goal and this goal seems to keep getting farther and farther away. The house gets dirtier and dirtier. The garden is still over grown and needs pulled. I have piles on my desk that need attended to. The list goes on. There are days I feel like I have no help, and the days that I feel like I have help I feel over whelmed.

What I need to solve the above issue.
1.       My mom and sister to come over and clean and organize my house. I need room and have a lot of items I do not want but don’t have the time to get rid of them (I know no excuse).
2.       My father to help me make some awesome ideas I have brewing for etsy (he of course will help its just finding the day we both can be there)
3.       My hubby to drill those holes in those wine bottles, rent the carpet cleaner, find a place to put his Rock band stuff that isn’t in the road, and a place we both can agree on for Dragos toys. (He’s a busy man and I know he would do all of this if he just had the time.)
4.       Slow my brain down for just one day.
5.       Have a week off to be able to do 1-4 without any fights, ordeals, or drama. Just have everything go as I have planned.

Ok, so I know what I have in 1-5 isn’t as farfetched as I think it is however, yes you can ask for help but it is best you find how to manage your own life. Reasoning being, you will be back to this same spot in most likely a few weeks. Then what??? Your parents, sister and husband will not be coming to the rescue every few weeks because YOU decided to take on too much and can’t handle it. The only number I really really really wish I could do is take a week off and do what I need to do! And only I!

Well, with this little convo, I better run. To the post office I head with another package to send out from Etsy. Yes RoxieLu will be going with me and we will most likely  head to staples for another perspective sell!

My life is moving in fast forward, its a fun ride but I have to make sure I sit back and "enjoy the view"


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