Saturday, October 13, 2012

Last night

Last night was our towns homecoming dance. While sitting on the porch there was a few nice cars heading to the dance. D worked the dance so I had a night at home with Roxielu. A nice chat with a friend, shower and catching up on tv shows was an enjoying relaxing evening.

More about my evening. The most exciting part about my evening....I made my third sell on Etsy! I am extremely excited. I have now made enough to pay for my advertising for last month. I also made enough to place another listing on Etsy! I am so excited! I want to thank my dad for helping me make the arrangements to get my product made. The product will be shipped in the next few days! I am truly 100% excited!

Know that I am done expressing how excited I am I will let you go for the morning. I will be back with some information about my new shop and also what today's adventures were.

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