Friday, October 26, 2012

Long gone

Hello Everyone,

I feel like I have been long gone. A lot has happened since we last talked. Tuesday morning I was able to say hi but never found batteries until later that evening....then I had to go to work..... Dang work always getting in the way of fun! Anyways!

I have been pretty busy here. I had two orders at my shop. I was able to knock out the first item decently fast. While the second item is taking me a little longer. It is hard to judge how long each item will take, I hand make most of the items and depending on how much I am able to use technology for and how much I have to use my actual hand for will depend on the time.

Once I get my second order filled I will spend a little time with a post showing off my three recent projects! I can hardly wait!

While, I decided I am going to head back to my creating activities I want to leave you with a few questions. Ones that would be awesome if you could help me out.


1. Dear pet owner friends.... I have had a pet for over six years now... My dear Rox sheds quite a bit however now that I have Drago and Rox the shedding wars are ON! How does one keep dog hair to a minimum. I have found it on kitchen counters, bathroom counters in my shower!!! I sweep I dust I even change sheets ALL THE TIME. The biggest and grosses part is the counter tops. Throw some ideas my way

2. I have plaster walls. When we remodeled our office I decided no holes in walls only "sticky things" to hand pictures. Well, we remodeled at the beginning of the summer and I officially have four broke frames and D's awards and such no longer on the wall. I also have this urge to remove stuff from my desk which would mean putting wholes in the wall........ Suggestions on this??? First item any ideas on what to hang my pictures with on plaster walls??? Any suggestions on what to hang a cork board (heavy) and a few mail box slots with???

3. All my friends that have "lil" ones. Would you buy flash cards off of etsy?  Or are flash cards no longer "cool". or does the $ store sell them to cheap to even think about finding them any where else???

All these items will be touch this weekend and week. Please leave your comments and I will talk to everyone really soon!

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