Friday, October 19, 2012

The past few weeks......

The past few days I have been lacking on the blog posts. However, as I was trying to put things away around the house and find a spot for Christmas presents, etsy supplies, bags, yard sell stuff, oh the list goes on, I almost broke down and cried. I have no room, no storage space and just so much stuff!

While I was sitting there complaining to myself how I have no room and why do we have to keep the 300th blanket that we NEVER use. Why not donate it? Whyyyyy doooo we need it???

Then you have the piles of yard sale “stuff” seriously??? Why am I keeping it?? I will make $5.00 on my crap, when I can donate it again… Or how about the piles of purses and book bags and work bags??? Yes believe it or not every book bag, work bag and tote I have out right now has a purpose, It’s those bags I have no idea where to place.

Or the idea that I have NO WHERE but the middle of the dining room to place my etsy supplies.

As I sat there and complained to myself about ALL this junk and how we should have bought a house with bigger closets or purge our stuff, I reminded myself that we truly are blessed to have a house full of things. It may be overwhelming and an item my not have its own home quite yet, but as time goes on I will find it a home or donate it.

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