Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Etsy Name

This weekend I wrote a blog post concerning how we package our products. In the process I explained how because of My Front Porch was taken I was not able to use that and instead I used Mrs. T’s Front Porch. Well, If you read my posts on a regular basis you would have noticed that my name had changed in this post…… So I would like to clear it all up!

My Etsy shop is officially call Mrs. T’s Front Porch and can be located at: http://mrstsfrontporch.etsy.com/

When I started my Etsy shop My Front Porch was the “name of the game” I chose my blog name for that reason, my twitter name, my Pintrest name…. Well, after I chose all the above and it was time to start the shop, the name was GONE!

So, the most original name came to my mind Mrs. T’s Creations. This is the name that I really did not dig and honestly still do not. I started my shop this way and stayed bothered by the name for quite some time. I decided that it would be hard to express to my shoppers to come on over to “My Front Porch” for an exclusive on my products. When there was nothing in the name that connected my blog and my shop.

Well last night after talking with my mom, she came up with “Mrs. T’s Front Porch”.  When she said this the light bulb went off and I almost went DUHHHHHHH!!!! How perfect!

I put in a change of name to Etsy and they emailed me this afternoon with an official name change! So everyone my shop is officially Mrs. T’s Front Porch!

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