Monday, October 15, 2012

How Martha Were You?

Its Monday evening and do you know what time it is????

 A few weeks ago I started a little blog post that I hope to keep up every Monday called How Martha Were you! Lets take a moment today and recap the weekend and brag about it! Everyone of you diserve to brag! 

I was Martha this weekend:
Dishes ohhhhh the dishes never stop
Sold one item on Etsy, packed it and shiped it
Helped D with Dragos dog house (that was an alllllll day project on Friday that consisted of tar paper and shingles)
Went to a fall festivel with my mom, sister, grandma and pap.
Went to a rummage sale with them also and bought a few items for crafting.
Took a nap on Sunday before work
Dare I say loads and loads of laundry............
Pulled my garden
Took Roxie for a walk and brushed her

 How Martha Were YOU?!?!?!?! 

Please share! just leave a comment on the bottom of this post!

During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a segment called How Martha Were You? every Monday morning where you recap your weekend’s activities

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