Sunday, November 25, 2012

Etsy Sale

Dear Friends, 

With Christmas come near I wanted to let everyone know that I am having a promotional sale at my Etsy shop.

Here is how it works:

   1.      To view items you can click on the “my shop” button over there  --->
   2.      Or head to Etsy and look up the shop “Mrstsfrontporch”
   3.       Take a look at the items
   4.      If you find anything you like contact me explaining you are interested in this item and
you are a follower of  my blog
   5.       I will then send you a coupon code for 25% off. 
   6.      If you are looking for something specific and did not find it in my store please email me
and ask.

I am also starting making ornaments for my shop for Christmas so please stay tuned!

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