Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updates since we last talked

Hello Dear Friends,

I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine was.

Updates since we last talked:

We last talked on Tuesday with the high hopes I would be able to accomplish so much and then in return come back and have time to discuss my wonderful strides with you. However, the day turned into a little bit of a let down on my “to-do” list front. In return I went to help D put trim on the dog house. We then went and changed the ownership of my very first car and settled in for the night….Or so we thought.

While doing all this I got called into work for Wednesday, (yes everyone I was on vaca) and D decided to have a guy’s night. So my wonderful ten days of vaca was cut short and my quality time I thought I was having with the Hubby was gone.


As I run to work thinking I would only be there an hour…..the clock hit four hours and I finally left. I made a trip to a store with my father to help get ready for hunting on Monday. I have been on the search for a new hunting jacket and of course to no avail I failed… However it was a fun ride with my father, he was very happy to buy radios for our Monday trip.

That evening we, mom, dad, brown, D and I ran to get Pizza before turning in for the night.

Of course like every Thanksgiving eve, we could not just sit and watch TV. However, unlike every other year we decided to keep it quiet and stay inside our house. Dear friends of ours came over and we had a catch up session of pure smiles and laughter!


Hello holidays hello cold! I woke up with a terrible cold, nothing abnormal in these parts.  However, we managed to hit everyplace we were supposed to with little to no bloodshed.

The “in-laws” were first (HAHA I just like saying “in-laws” in quotation marks, it makes me giggle) Anyways, We went to D’s parents first. Everyone but our middle brother was there, even an Uncle we hardly get to see made it this year. It truly was a relaxing fun afternoon. I wanted to take a picture of the table but I really thought they would think I was odd….. However, Turkey, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes (which I helped make!) Food galore. Everything a little girl would dream of! A true American Thanksgiving. Giggles high, laughter full, and smiles wide.  

But watch it Mr. and Mrs. T you still have to go to Mrs. T’s grandparents….Italian….

So off to my grandparents we go. This is the place in which if you did not eat two plates full you get asked 500 times if you feel ok. HAHA! Different food at my grandparents than normal however, it gave D and me a little different atmosphere. There was the staples, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing. However, we had ham, and beans, and scalped potatoes along with a salad.  Dinner was good and the laughter was high, it was an Italian American Thanksgiving. I sat with my whole family while D chose to sit with his soon to be brother in law and all the “boys” (AKA for our cousins).  My sister and I laugh as we watch her soon to be hubby and my hubby interact. It makes us happy!

Thursday Night

Well people! Black Friday started early this year, 8 pm heck some places even earlier. My mom and sister needed to run to Target and Michaels for a fast moment, two items but a decent amount off. So D and I decided to head with them. I found it to be fun, even though I was sick and decided that I had enough by midnight. I enjoyed it.  Michaels was open long before we got there however, it did not matter we left with all items we came for and then some. I saved over 50% in my purchase so it was worth it!

Target…Yep we took one look at that line and decided Sears here we come. We headed into Sears; D looked at the tools, while Mom, Brown and I looked at the shoes. The three of us came out with new shoes and D and I came out with a new Microwave.

Now we ventured to Target. We recognize now what we will be doing next year. One person stands in line while the others shop. We got what we came for, looked at the DVD’s and CD”s and headed to the check out. In every store we always browse through the “pretty’s” as my mom likes to call them. The nice plates and things like that. Well, we took one look at the line and one look at the pretty’s and we chose line before it got any longer. Weaving in and out of the isles for at least 45 minutes. But know we all can say we truly did the Black Friday thing. Maybe next year we will wait to get into the store?? (Doubt it!)


Well I will sum this day up very fast

I stayed on the sofa from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed. My cold hit full throttle and there was not moving not even a load of laundry could be done.


Our last and final Thanksgiving until next year. We headed to my other grandmothers for lunch. This was the 100% traditional Thanksgiving, in both mine and D’s book.  There was something about it that D and I both agreed just soothed the sole. Maybe it was the idea we only had one that day, or maybe it was the idea that it was actually cold outside like a normal Thanksgiving afternoon. We are not sure but it did sooth the sole a little.  The only nontraditional part of the meal was meatballs, and this all stems to the whole family not being able to eat turkey and meatballs are not an extreme left over, portion control, you can make however many you want while a ham comes in all sizes.

Once we got home, it was time to start for lost time. D started cleaning the garage. He worked on it for a few hours and Let me tell you, it is a whole new place! I started tiding up the house, main goal: tidy up get it cleaned and then start tearing down fall decorations and putting up Christmas ones!


Today, is starting out slow, a nice cup of coffee, after I slept in, of course. And now I am writing this post. It is already 1:00pm and not a lick has been done. I am just about motivated for the day and will start soon. Of course stopping periodically because I can and have no deadline.

Well, friends this post was quite a bit long, thank you for staying with me. I am running off to start cleaning the office and to start tearing down the fall decorations. Here is to being productive today ~Cheers~ while, I will not be home tomorrow to be!

I hope you all have a great day!

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