Friday, November 9, 2012

Roxie and Her weight

A few days ago, I talked about taking RoxieLu to the vet. When we took her to the vet it was to our surprise that she had lost 20 pounds!  This has been a long exhausting battle.  Finally we made it!

About three years ago, we found out that Roxie would have to be on bladder pills the rest of her life. At three years old my “puppy” was turning into an old girl. Even though the vet explained that Rox should not be on them at her age, it does happen and is completely ok.  However, the vet explained that if we could get the then  110 pound Roxie down to 95 pounds (her healthy weight) her bladder issues might go away.

Well, I did not feel that she looked or acted fat, at the time. Within a year my dog rapidly put on another 10 pounds and THEN SOME.  I believe Roxie was 130 pounds at one time.  Her weigh in at the vet last years was 127 pounds.

The vet expressed that something had to be done. We explained how we have been trying for a long time. Keeping her on a steady schedule for eating, we even went as far as writing down how much we fed her a day, more exercise than normal, we even gave her fillers in her food such as green beans and pumpkin to help make her feel full. Nothing worked.

After a few tests we found that she had an under active thyroid and would have to be on pills for that also!

Well, after six months of a trial run we had to take her back to the vet to be retested and weighed in. Needless to say nothing changed, but her weight stayed the same. The vet decided that the thyroid was still the issue and to continue what we were doing.

Well, about June, we changed her dog food to something a lot healthier. This was all due to a friend “yelling” at us over our original dog food.

Roxie started to look like she was slimming down. D weighed her, 117-120 pounds. Nice we are down 7-10 pounds from six months ago. Well, when Drago came along, he had some “food issues” that made us change our food two more times.  Because D and I want to keep both of them on the same food for easer storage and feeding concerns, we changed Roxie’s right along with Drago’s.

Well, we are finally on a food that agrees with Drago, it happens to be a no grain food. However, the month we have been on it you could start seeing Roxie change. She started to thin out and her coat started becoming shinny. She also had more energy! It was wonderful. Friends and family made comments on Roxies looks. Instead of a J and D she’s FAT! She will DIE SOON!

So at age six Roxie is acting like a young pup and is almost back to her weight before her thyroid issues. This is amazing!

Since June we have learned a lot about dog food. We have found wonderful websites to help you decided what is the best food for your four legged creature. I will share what I have learned and what the hubby has read, I will also share websites I have found to be helpful!

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