Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yesterday was Election Day

Yesterday was Election Day.  Who all voted???

As I told you yesterday D and I voted, and then we made a date night out of watching the elections.

Our election day started at the polls in which we found to be quite difficult this year. With both of us coming from a “small” area in which you knew the poll workers: you were always in and out without any questions. However, this year due to moving and my name change our normal polling adventure took about 45 minutes. It even got to the point in which D went and waited outside for me.

However, voting itself, with standing in line, took about 10 minutes and was ridiculously easy. There honestly is no excuse on why you could not vote. (I will let the work thing slide, because I know I would have never been able to do it with the problems we had if I worked daylight that day). Anyways!

Once D and I voted we headed home and got ready for work. I did a few fast chores around the house and settled in to a night on the couch, my hubby, a rotation of the dogs, and the elections.

At a few points D got bored and wanted to watch something different. I never let him. I was so intent on watching the race. I did this four years ago also. But never before, did elections peak my interest.  Honestly, I am not good in politics. I am not one of those people that “pretend” to be either. I do what I need to in order to figure out whom to vote for and I am on my way.

Last night I enjoyed watching and listening to everyone’s predictions and “if he gets the presidency he will do this” and “if he gets the presidency he will do that” I enjoyed every minute of it!

I will share that I am completely 100% happy that I will not be getting another phone call from anyone in a political party for at least another three years!

No matter if you are sad or happy about this election, and honestly it is none of my business, we all still pray for our wonderful country and our president.

So did you vote?? Did you watch the election??? Did you enjoy it???

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  1. Yes, I watched and I think that it is important for us all to get involved and pay attention to what is going on. I was pretty intriqued myself. I am not registered to vote here and missed the deadline to register. MY BAD--I realize that it is really bad, but I iwll be ready next time FOR SURE!