Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How many Christmas bulbs are too many Chirstmas bulbs?

It slowly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house.  This year I am finding it hard to start. The weather is in the mid to high 50’s and honestly it looks like spring outside. It’s hard to be decorating for winter and Christmas when it’s so nice out. I am not sure how the south does it.

Before Thanksgiving I decided I was going to try and decorate on the cheap side. I needed new ornaments, so I was going to make them. I was going to use my old ornaments as décor around the house, while using items from my wedding to help.

This should not be a problem; I thought. I have two big tubs full of Christmas décor, I box full of old Christmas ornaments, four apothecary jars (from wedding), and new home made ornaments (almost done). I also have random items that I can use around the home such as little figures I’ve received throughout the years, and bowls that are dark colors, candles… Things that I can make look like Christmas.

Well, to be honest folks, I am finding this really hard. Last night I started pulling items out of the two big tubs. After I separated the items: Christmas tree, window box, I don’t know what to do with/I don’t really care for pile. I found one whole tub was Christmas tree, my I don’t know what to do with/I don’t really care for pile is huge and my window box pile is very very very small.

With this said, my window boxes are done and in my opinion a little sad looking, I will let the boxes grown on me a few days and see what else might need added. And that is where I stopped last night.

I am getting ready to get back at it this afternoon. I have an idea for my coffee table (this is if the dogs will leave it alone ornaments can be mistaken for balls). I also have some fake garland that I found; I might hang that on my half wall.

But this brings me to my title of my post, how many bulbs are too many bulbs?  I love my whole house decorated for Christmas but would it be bulb over load? I mean honestly this is all I have left….. A whole box full of old Christmas bulbs………

HUMMM ~The pondering continues~

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