Sunday, December 2, 2012

So what do you have planned for this week?

As most of you know I work crazy odd shifts and hours and my weekends can be on weekdays. Today, I finish up my “week of work” and head into the weekend at 7:00am. I do not have to go back to work until Wednesday morning. Nice!

The “weekend” ahead of me looks really nice. Start with the weather. For the beginning of December we are getting quit high temperatures of high 40’s low 50’s. (Secretly I am jumping up and down with excitement, perfect weather for making my ornaments.)

Tomorrow starts my weekend with a nice lazy sleep in the morning and up and at’em around 2:00-3:00pm. Shower and then off to my mother’s to meet up with her and my sister.  We are then heading to a Christmas play. The play is at a local church, it cost nothing but a simple donation at the end. Growing up this play was a staple on Thanksgiving Saturday. We would head to the play with our out of town cousins and all the aunts. It was quite a family affair. Well, at least that is how I remember it.

Once we leave there I will be heading home to get ready for bed, I suppose TV will be in order sometime before bedtime……

While Sunday will be short as far as activities Monday will not.  D has massive plans with the dog house. (It is my hope it will be finished Monday….this project has been going on for WAY TO LONG!). While he has plans with the dog house I have plans with pinecones!

As I posted on Facebook today: “pinecones in oven you say….catch my house on fire you say……” Well, I did buckle down and put those pesky pinecones in the oven and successfully did not burn the house down. However, on Monday I will be placing a lot more pinecones in the oven (like two laundry baskets full) to melt the sap and kill the bugs…… once they are baked I will then head out side in the nice sunshine and start spray painting!!!! My ornaments will be taking shape!  (Stay tuned for my next post on baking pinecones and why I am doing this)

Tuesday it is supposed to rain however, D and I have been thinking about getting our Christmas tree. This will be an on spot choice I am sure. If it’s raining we will stay home, if it’s not we shall go! Either way I am sure tree or not I will be decorating the house!

So during my weekend my house will “begin to look a lot like Christmas!”

What are your plans this week?
How is your Christmas decorating coming?


  1. It sounds like you have a wonderful week planned. :). I am going to shop for my sweeties. I get so giddy buying them Christmas presents. :)

    1. Marci,

      yes I do have a wonderful week planned, I am so excited! Have fun shopping for presents. It is always exciting to find the BEST present!