Friday, December 14, 2012

The newlywed drama

Everyone has some type of newlywed drama that you face. Each piece of drama is significant in your relationship and honestly how you deal with it defines how you are as a couple.

As most of you know I was recently married in April and even though we are going 8 months strong we have our fare share of ups and downs.

There is not one in particular up or down that really has defined our relationship thus far. Of course we always have the minor issues of D leaving his keys on the counter rather than in the key drawer, or me throwing away socks with holes in them and the list goes on….

There is one issue that honestly cannot go unnoticed and truth be told it is more my issue than his. The issue is truthfully simple but without an adequate amount of it I can turn into the devils child and be a cold mean spirit. I need my sleep, an 8 hour sleep that starts at 10:00 and is up by 6, uninterrupted sleep.

Well, of course this is only in a perfect world that I can maintain such wonderful things. With my shifts, you can laugh at the pattern of sleep between 10-6.  Honestly, you can almost laugh nonstop about sleeping a solid 8 without interruptions.

D also works shifts and there for sleeps all hours of the day. He doesn’t seem to have as much trouble as I do. I feel that I could run the sweeper, tv, and radio all at the same time and he could snore his way through.

We have two major issues with this wonderful set up our jobs have given us.
1.       When I am awake and he is sleeping
2.       When he is awake and I am sleeping

1.       When I am awake and he is sleeping

Both of these cause a little problem in our relationship. Not many times am I home when D gets done with a night shift and has to sleep all day. However there are many times he works a 3-11 or 7p-3a and then in return stays up once he gets home and then sleeps most of the day. These are the days I try my hardest to stay quite but there is only so much a girl can do. It’s my day off and all I want to do is run the sweeper, wash dishes, and laundry. Of course the sweeper gets put off to last and as the day rolls on I end up having less courtesy and start making nose. All I have to say is that THIS BOY CAN SLEEP!

He truly is amazing, I don’t think once has he got mad at me because I have made too much noise while he has been trying to sleep. When I complain that he slept all day AGAIN and I couldn’t do this or that he calmly asks why and moves on.   

Another issue is once he wakes up. He gets up in the evening normally around dinner time and is ready to hit the ground running. Naturally I have been awake and accomplishing things around the house that by this time it’s time to eat dinner and watch TV while relaxing before bed. Not him man he has a list a mile long and normally includes me helping him with some crazy project.  Then do not ask about bed time. It’s a very whinny please just one more TV show or really its only 10:00 you CAN’T be tired!!!!
           When he is awake and I am sleeping

The boy is amazing when it comes to me sleeping before I have to go to work. He normally stays out side all day or makes himself scares in the house. He also allows me to sleep in, if he gets up earlier than me.  

Even though this may be wonderful we always have the issues of really its only 10:00pm you CAN’T be tired. And the whole its 2:00am he is still awake and ARE YOU UP J, J ARE YOU UP…. What D?????? OH GOOD YOU’RE UP!!

I struggle with my crazy shifts and yet somehow make sure I am on a daylight schedule when I am off. I cannot stand being awake at night I need the sunshine and to live without lights. These things do not bother D and in return causes a little bit of “upside” downness in our house.

We both have courtesy when we have to sleep for work. But if it is a day off we both slowly lose the courtesy and do not understand why the other is asleep. I have been working on my spasing out every time he wakes me up from a dead sleep to talk and I have been working on me just saying D its 10pm and yes I am very tired good night, love you.

It doesn’t always work, but there is faith that this will soon too pass and D and I will have some type of understand we both need our sleep and we must stay quite, not wake each other up, and respect each other when one says good night. 

Here is to another day

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