Saturday, December 15, 2012

So did you send them out?

Christmas cards that is. With postage going up I bet not a ton of people have. It seems as if cards are what your parents did, not you. However, Me I love sending them. I try every year to outdo my last year’s card.  It is a hope that at least my grandparents and parents will talk about the card and oh and aw it! LOL

Even though I like to send cards, I can honestly say I LOVE receiving them! It is a game to me to see whose card is the prettiest, most unique. I love going to the mail box and seeing a card shaped envelop with Mrs. And Mrs. T on it. I cannot wait to rip it open!

Sadly enough, we have a little over a week left before Christmas and I have only received 5 cards. It’s a little bit depressing in my opinion.

I send out around 50 cards every year and never really received many cards back, however, thinking that it was because I wasn’t married and a lot of times I was still included on my parent’s card….. Mrs. and Mrs. T and girls… UG that and girls, I mean I’m only 26 nothing major! LOL.  Anyways it never really bothered me until last year.

I do not want to be like all the bah humbugs in the world and not send a little bit of Holiday Cheer to your family from mine but it is hard to when you are sending cards and not really getting any back year after year.

None the less, I placed our cards in the mail yesterday and decided that a little smile from my family might go a long way in yours this year. At least in this area, a lot of people have commented Christmas just doesn’t seem like Christmas this year.

How do you feel about Christmas cards?


  1. I am with you, I love Christmas cards. We have only received 3 this year :( But most of my family/friends are not married yet, so I'll use that as an excuse. We only sent out 20 because our Christmas budget was tight, but I couldn't imagine not sending them out:)

    1. We are up to 15 cards this year! We got a few cards from people we normally don't (could it be because we are married now??). I do agree, I feel that a lot of my family and friends that do not send cards out are not married. Our budget was tight this year also, But what I did to cut our card budget down was send all excess cards I had from years before. That helped save me a bunch of money!