Monday, December 17, 2012

Pine needles

Hello friends,

It has been awhile since we last talked, I believe Saturday. I am a little far behind on reading my blogs, replying to comments and my dishes lol!

With work wrapping up last night at 7pm, from a long three day week, I decided to make dinner and watch tv until D came home from work at 11pm. Once he got home I made dinner for a coworker of his and a snack for D then we decorated the tree.

The tree has ornaments on it! YAYA, I wouldn’t put the tree skirt down until I swept and refilled the base of the tree with water…this tree is dropping needles like mad! Last year’s tree didn’t, well not until we took it out side after Christmas. Does anyone have a secret to keep the needles on the tree?

My opinion, it’s the way they are sold to you. The past two years we went to two different tree farms. Last year a tree farm “down in the valley” it was quite the operation. This year’s tree farm from my old stomping ground, a quite little family owned business.

Last year the tree farm took the tree shook it on some crazy machine then wrapped it and sent us on our way. This year the tree farm helped us load the tree and that was it. I am not complaining by any means, I have just noticed the difference in needles this year and last.

Both years D managed to “drop” the tree before bringing it inside the house several times to get the remaining unstuck needles off. Our drive way was FULL this year.

Either way. How do you deal with needles? 

 I am off for a few days before the mad rush of Christmas sets in and the full seven days of 12 hour work days are into swing. I am hopping to catch up on a few things, such as my blog and my battle with etsy. I'll tell you all about that later! But until then I am going to tidy up the house from dog toys and parts of dog toys?!?!?! 

Have a great day

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