Wednesday, December 19, 2012

UPS knows me by name

The past few years I have been late in buying Christmas presents. So Amazon here I come. Wonderful two day shipping or over night for just a little up charge, NICE! This year I took the bull by the horns and managed to get 85% of my Christmas shopping done before the week before.

This year came Monday morning I had one parent, I knew what I was buying but needed the “ok”, and one brother, no clue…non…zip…ziltch. 

Two weeks ago I sat down and planned my master list of ideas and WebPages or stores. To my luck, most everything could be bought at a great price on Amazon or threw Etsy.

That very week I sat down with the definite gifts and bought… to be delivered on Thursday or Friday. And so it was boxes started coming.  

Friday D and I placed a nice big order in on Amazon, including two big bags of dog food for our pups (No not Christmas presents, but we had a coupon!).

Saturday I placed my orders on Etsy a total of three items, so three different deliveries.

Monday Rolled around, here comes the UPS truck and about 7 boxes. The gentleman was nice and I even met him out there to help him carry all the items in. After the fifth one, he smiled and said Ma’am did you happen to do all your shopping on line this year. I smiled “Yes Sr I did and this isn’t all of it, sorry”.

Tuesday rolls around, here he comes again more boxes…….

Today he came again and yet again more boxes…..

I don’t have the heart to tell him I’m still waiting for two more gifts.  

In my defense, the orders I made two weeks ago was from two different stores, so two different orders and same with the Etsy orders. However, I cannot be blamed for Amazon. Boxes are coming out of my pores and I am not sure why. I must be more careful and click the button “ship all items together.”

Oh did I tell you, I have two more UPS guys most likely giving me a nasty look, I sent an item today to my cousin and I shipped a whole bunch of stuff to a place in the city the other day…..HEHE… Cough cough… big long sigh! 

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