Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A pet peeve of mine.

Who hear has an issue about email? I do not mean receiving them or sending them back. I am talking about how people respond to your emails.

I was taught by my parents and in the many years of education I have accumulated that sending an email, just like a letter, should be somewhat formal. I do on occasion break this code. However, breaking this code is only to dear friends, my sister, and mother. Not strangers or professionals.  

I always open my emails by saying hello, hi, how are you, hey what’s up…….a form of a greeting.

I always close my emails with bye, see you soon, talk to you soon, hope all is well, thank you…..a form of “closure”

However, I have found generations younger than us, and I’m not old, tend to not do this.

I have been battling with this sense of formality for a little over six months now. Email is my primary source of communication within a part of my life. There are no texts or phone calls. YES I SAID NO TEXTING! WHEW, you would have thought I told these people I wanted their first born. I get it I’m a texter too, a big one at that. Most of my communicating to friends and family is over texting and its easer, but it’s a rule and rules are what we live by.

Anyways, here is what brings on my rant of the day:

A response to one of my emails:


That was it, nothing else just plain ol’ no. I wanted to respond back by saying no what? You don’t like hot dogs? Or no you rather not? WHAT!?!?!?!? What is this NO you speak of???

I have learned that generations younger do not start an email with HI, this is…… or hello, I would like to meet you on… I have learned that generations younger do not end emails AT ALL. I have now learned that generations younger do not even write much.

Now, before you youngsters get all upset… This is not true for all of you. I have had some very lovely and intelligent emails. And this I thank you for.

I find it very hard to understand, the concept of no formality in an email at all. The ideas that people do not know me; I am not your friend, long lost buddy, or parent. We are in a professional setting.

Anyways that is my very long rant of a pet peeve I have. A pet peeve I just discovered I have. 

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