Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good Morning

Hello everyone,

I am sorry I have been writing you hit and miss. As I explained here a few days back my computer finally had the most of its life and decided that in its old age it will only stay on for a few moments until it shuts down.

With that said, I finally got a new computer.A nice little HP. I have absolutely nothing set up on it and truly I am lucky I can turn it on.  I do not have Microsoft on it yet, so my blog posts might be a little generic for now.  I am still trying to get used to Windows 8, which by far is completely different than any other Windows I've ever used. My desk is not set up yet. I am still set up for my old computer, with it still in place, However, My hopes are that will change today.

So I am officially back in business. I will be able to join blog hops in full force, which includes reading a lot more than just one blog on the hop. I will be able to write more than one post per week! I will be able to comment on blogs! Oh  MY, my mornings will go back to normal... Long wonderful sigh.

Today is Superbowl Sunday along with a nice hokey game on before hand. I sadly enough will be working during the Superbowl so I will not be watching it.....again this year...... I know "our" team is not in it but still! LOL. Either way, the TV will be filled with sports in my house from 11:30 until late. Whose going to guess which Superbowl commercial will be the funniest?

I have a ton on tap for today. And it is starting with a list to buy on Amazon. A few items that I am in need of to put some things away, you could say. I need a new shoe mat, which of course I have great ideas for that, a picture frame so we can finally hang our Hawaii map, a few items to make my self organized for my sisters wedding. In all my thoughts I must remember to bring home an empty paper box from work and watch the sales at Staples for paper.

Well, know that my list has somehow creep onto my blog I will leave you for the morning. I am exciting to get this new computer a little more usable!

Have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday!

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