Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dear Friends,

It has been a little over two weeks since we last talked and I do apologies for this. The holidays were extremely busy, then a crazy 12 hour/day work week, followed by New Year Eve and New Years Day along with all their festivities, and then back to work until yesterday in which was my first day off, we had family over so an afternoon of cooking. Which leaves me with today and tomorrow, not really sure what is on tap however spending a few minutes with a dear friend, cooking a little, going to see my grandparents, and cleaning up from last night’s activities are in order…………….

Dear Friends,

It has officially been a week since I wrote that last paragraph. It has been busy, I have been playing catch up and I still am playing catch up. Tomorrow will be a much needed day off. With high hopes of cleaning and taking down the rest of the Christmas d├ęcor, along with putting Christmas presents away that have not found a home, among piles of laundry and dishes.

The past two days has been extremely warm for our area, High 50’s low 60’s. It has been raining off and on however, it smells fresh and springy outside. Much needed yard work did not get complete however, due to work. Drago was able to sit outside for a few hours on Thursday when the temperatures were reaching high 40’s and Roxie enjoyed her time prancing around the yard as well.

With all that has been going on I truly am not sure where to start with the updates. Because of this I will start fresh tomorrow

Have a wonderful night

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