Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today or last night was not my night….

I have some pent up anger so please excuse the mild jabbing at the world. 

After spending a whole day working on my husband’s computer, because we still have not found time to tell me that this computer is good, I finally called it quits and headed to the kitchen to make dinner. After realizing that it was 6pm and D still wasn’t out of bed I decided a fast sandwich would be on taps instead of the ham dinner I had been planning all day.

Thank goodness for a fast sandwich because once D woke up it was a total of five minutes and out the door he ran. The night of hockey and a ham dinner were long gone and I was left alone on the couch watching who knows what. 

D went to training, which honestly is a good thing for him and the DOG, more so the dog than anything.

At 10:30 I decided to call it a night. My brain was mush due to all the computer work I did all day and honestly the TV couldn’t keep my attention because my Ipad and Google had it. More research more brain mush. 

I was woken up at 12:50am by a phone call from my husband. Let’s just say a phone call lead to me being up for a few hours. However, thank goodness no one was hurt it was just a minor details in the road way of life. Once everything was back to normal I climbed back into bed and fell asleep to D watching the hockey game from earlier that night. 

Well, this is when the night really turns to craziness and my pent up anger has a way of releasing itself. Sometime while I was in a dead sleep my husband decided that he cannot sleep and the whole world needs to be up. This is a little cork of his that I am sure I have talked about here before. All in all it’s fine until I am involved and then it’s NOT FINE! My sleep is very valuable to me. And waking up is very valuable to me.

I have a routine and honestly if you interfere with it oh my! When I wake up, I can’t say morning due to my odd sleeping schedules, I put the dog out come back in grab my coffee, get the dog and feed her. Then in to the computer room I head. I sit at my desk and start checking emails, etsy, and my blogger account. I respond to emails and write a blog post. By this time my coffee is finished and I’m ready, ready to face the world that is. This has been messed up for two weeks now and yet I have kept my cool threw most of it with last night’s drama and the idea of tonight this girls cool is gone. 

While sleeping, please please please do not wake me up. I go to bed when I’m tired I wake up when either A. the alarm goes off or B. when my body is rested. At this time of my life I am blessed enough to be able to do this. We do not have kids, I have not hit the times of not being able to fall asleep, and truly I am like a little kid. I need my naps and I need my sleep. A solid 10 hours if I could.

If my life was tied in a bow I would be in bed every night at 10pm and up between 7-8am. I would be able to sleep a whole night without a husband telling me he can’t sleep so “talk to meeeeeee”, I would be able to wake up with my cup of coffee every morning and enjoy the riches in life.

But no, instead, I sleep all hours of the day, never have a set time to head to bed or wake up hardly ever get that cup of coffee and enjoy the riches in life and to sleep a whole 8 hour period without a random show blasting in the back ground, having to wear a mask over my eyes and a dog who takes up the whole bed. I have seen way to many 1,2,3AM’s in my life and  honestly I am only 27………………………

Well, here is to my next sleep. I pray I get enough, because this girl is exhausted today. 

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