Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well we broke 9 degrees this morning!

A few days ago I stated that we were experiencing some odd weather in our neck of the woods. Slightly high temperatures for January. Well just a few days later we are experiencing some odd weather again, slightly low temperatures. According to the news, last night, we have not seen this low of temperatures since 2009. Its dang cold out there! 

Once seeing that temperatures could be only 2 degrees early this morning, I sent out a quick email blast expressing to my students that we would not be tutoring today…Way to cold and a wonderful opportunity to stay inside.

Today is a moving kind of slow day in my book. I managed to put all the decorations away that I have been dreading to do over the weekend and I even finished two craft projects that I have wanted to do. To gloat some more, I did all of the “end year” items such as sorting bills, bank statements, and gathering tax items that have came in. Looking back on this weekend, even though I felt like I didn’t do much I was on a roll!

I have plans today, to work on my Etsy shop and wash clothes. D is sleeping due to a midnight shift and him and Roxielu are cuddled up in the bed room, while Drago the dog is sound asleep in his create. It is a nice morning and afternoon to do all those pesky projects that need my undivided attention. All the while, keeping warm with a big ol’ cup of jo and a nice pair of sweats and a big old comfy sweat shirt. Honestly Life is GOOD!

Oh and we can not forget its a HOCKEY NIGHT

Well stay tuned for some updates today. I might find time to really update my blog! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME!?!?!?!?

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