Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Computer or New Window?!?!?!

AHH, I can honestly say I am computer deprived! It has been since Thursday afternoon since I had an OK experience with a computer and at that the computer I use at work isn’t that great.

I believe I told you Tuesday evening I decided to sit down and do something that I enjoy and have not done for a very long time. Scrap book. Instead of scrap booking with paper, due to room and money, I have learned to use the wonderful world of the internet. I take advantage of the opportunities I can get.

Tuesday evening was supposed to be a date with my wonderful green laptop, Shutterfly, my sisters engagement photos, and a free picture book from Shutterfly. However, It turned into an hour of fighting with my computer to stay on long enough to load the pictures.

Since I have been having issues with my computer, this issue, for over a year now I have learned to walk away and continue with something else, allow the computer to completely cool and return. 9 times out of 10 this works…..not this week……

Lets just put it this way, I did not touch that computer for two days. Friday morning I was up bright and early. Tutoring session at nine and I wanted  to hit the store before the tutoring session. I grabbed my coffee, turned on my computer, a piece of paper and pen. My intention were good. The idea of making my list and printing off coupons should have only taken 5-10 minutes. Wrong, I was up at 6:30 and still cussing at my computer at 7:30 when I chose to get into the shower. Figured a few minutes for the computer to cool down and I should be able to use word right?? Maybe I can get organized for a bridle shower meeting we were having on Saturday…..HAHAHAA… Long, long, long sigh

Well Friday, I broke down and used my husbands computer and I currently am still using it. I have hopes every morning that my computer will stay on longer than the windows chime and showing my home screen.
Using my husbands computer is driving me nuts! I can not personalize anything (it is just a thing we agreed on when we were dating we would always have two computers, we both use them to much to share.) , I can not find anything, I can not edit pictures, I can not post anything to etsy because all my things are on MY computer……. My nerves have been fried. However, I am glad that I  am able to use this computer to write a blog post. Even if my hand constantly gets in the way of the mouse pad and I find that I am adding words to paragraphs before. 

So Ladies and Gents, I ask you this, What laptop do you recommend?? I need a new one ASAP. 

~The lady that might throw her pretty green laptop out the window!

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  1. A year of putting up with your troubled computer is really long, Mrs. T. I hate it when a page slowly or when a video lags so much you don’t get to enjoy it anymore. With that, I’d say a new computer! I’m not sure of what to suggest, though, since I’m not aware of your usual computer activities. But I would advice that you get one with an optional touch screen feature, so you can go interactive. ;] -->Benita